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PlanB. was founded in 2012 and as IT consulting and education company has the main objective to be dedicated in providing high level business and technology support to our clients in order to reach full customer satisfactory results. PlanB. together with its partners’ enables implementation of complex projects for their customers.

Focused to provide smart technology utilization to a satisfactory completion on a customer benefit by implementing business processes to a customer satisfaction, thus by increasing complementary level of task completion on a higher level.



We provide an array of consulting services to small, medium, and large businesses.

IT business consulting services – our task is to align business goals with IT enabled support on different levels – strategy, processes, and technology framework

ERP consulting services – we can help you analyzing your business processes, carefully selecting and supervising implementation of various ERP solutions, to suit your organization’s unique challenges.

CRM consulting services – we can help you analyzing your business processes, carefully selecting, and implementing of Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM solution, to suit your organization’s unique challenges.

Project Management

We have highly ranked members of Project Management Institute (PMI), who are professionals in the management of software development projects. Microsoft Solution Framework (MSF) methodology, approved in practice, is the standard methodology used to manage construction projects for complex software solutions.

Our project management leaders have successfully managed projects of varying magnitudes – everything from large-scale, enterprise-wide projects to small project teams deploying front-line initiatives. Whether rescuing a project that is off course or developing methodologies to enable future project success, we have the expertise and the track record to get you there.  Our consultants can parachute in at any phase of the project life cycle, roll up their sleeves, and get right to it.

Business solution development

Solution development is focused on Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications. We have transferred our rich experience in analysis, designing and developing of complex business solutions into solution development on Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications:

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources

Our team of experienced professionals have been working with Dynamics 365 since its introduction by Microsoft and we can guarantee near peerless levels of knowledgeable service and assistance.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) consulting and development

RPA is one of fastest growing needs in every industry. Our rich experience in analysis, designing and developing of complex business solutions has been naturally expanded toward RPA consulting and development based on software solution.

Support and maintenance

Provide different levels of software maintenance service, tailored to our client’s specific needs and to the business importance of the installed software systems.


  • Trainings – we provide trainings covering both business processes and our solutions
    • Microsoft Dynamics 365 tranings
      • Navigation training
      • Technical and administrator training
    • Business Process training using your Microsoft Business Application
      • Specific Tasks
      • Specific Modules
      • Specific role-based training
      • Change Management and user adoption efforts
      • Train the Trainer (T3) training mentorship


We organize workshops covering the whole portfolio of ours, especially workshops for Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications including Microsoft Power Platform as well RPA.

Such dedicated high-level workshops provide an overview of the business solutions. It will help you identify areas in your company where efficiencies can be improved and business challenges addressed with a modern suite of business applications. At the same time, they make an opportunity to explore your business and operational processes and ‘the art of the possible’.

The workshop can be a one-to-one session or, more usefully, a group workshop involving other stakeholders and senior decision-makers from across your company. Where required, the workshop can be extended several days to include follow-up and deep-dive sessions.


In recent years we have gained many successful customers from diverse industries and countries.

We are proud that both enterprise and SMB clients recognized us as their valuable partner able to 20 satisfied clients and 30 successfull projects.




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