Solution development

PlanB together with its partners offer development of software solutions mainly based on the Microsoft platform. With many years long experience in designing and developing complex collaborative solutions based on document management, workflow and intranet technologies. Highly reliable and highly accessible e-business solutions are our field of expertise. 

Software support

Professional knowledge and expertise in the development of solutions for our clients’ internal projects, in the domain of business management, collaboration, construction of Intranet/Internet portals, construction of e-business solutions, is one of our most cost-effective and most frequently used services.

Project management

Our partners have highly ranked members of Project Management Institute (PMI), who are professionals in the management of software development projects. Microsoft Solution Framework (MSF) methodology, approved in practice, is the standard methodology used to manage construction projects for complex software solutions.

IT support

Extensive experience in the domain of software development, design of complex software solutions for business support, collaboration, construction of intranet/Internet portals, and construction of e-business solutions, extended to our clients through our consulting services.


Provide different levels of software maintenance service, tailored to our clients specific needs and to the business importance of the installed software systems.