Enterprise mobile applications are built to support line of business of particular enterprise on mobile phones and tablets. Like the usual desktop applications they allow company’s employees to do the work but instead of using desktop applications that run only on desktop computer or laptop and require keyboard and mouse for interaction, mobile applications are designed for touch, allowing more intuitive interaction.

By taking advantage of new Windows 8.1/Universal apps there is a possibility to bring touch friendly, carefully designed and responsive applications to the world of enterprise without losing device manageability and company security provided by IT department.

We develop tablet/mobile applications that fit into company’s line of business and help them transition from desktop based work environment to flexible mobile work environments, especially when there is fieldwork involved in business processes.

Our applications fill the gap between new trends in workplace mobility and common working at the desk using regular PC. They are built in cooperation with customer so they rely on data provided by existing internal infrastructure and comply with security requirements.