The expert for EU funds is a certified program that provides an opportunity to students to real-life examples from practice to learn how to prepare, sign and implement projects that are co-financed with EU funds.

Certified VCC expert on EU funds have knowledge of:

  • The origin of EU regional policies
  • Rules of the institutional system of implementation of EU funds and how they operate funds
  • Legal acts, program documents, guidelines in the application process, implementing and completing the projects co-financed by EU
  • Identifying the problems and finding possible solutions using EU funds
  • Analysis of stakeholders
  • Prepare consortium agreement, logical framework, Gant graph, the request for a subsidy, the request for payment, the SWOT analysis of the project
  • Rules of creating the budget, the eligible expenditure
  • Assumptions and risks, implementation and closing of the EU project.

Who is the program intended?

  • Employees and managers of business centers, incubators and technology parks, entrepreneurial and business zones and port authorities
  • Regional authorities and local government business
  • Consultants and project manager is
  • Directors and members of management companies that qualify for EU funds
  • SMEs
  • Companies whose business is related to the societal benefits
  • Scientific and educational institutions
  • Non-profit and non-governmental organizations and cooperatives

All interested in the realization of the opportunities provided by EU funds.

The student who is certified VCC expert for EU funds can:

  • What are and how the EU funds
  • How to prepare a project and find funding opportunities
  • How to organize a partnership project
  • As the project contracts
  • How to successfully implement a project co-funded by the EU.

At the end of the program students take a certification exam after which acquired VCC diploma.

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