Enterprise social network is a great tool that enables a company to achieve synergy and collaboration among employees. Employees have the opportunity to join groups, create a personal profile, track reports, share documents, multimedia, and comments and be up to date with all the projects as well as other activities within company.

Such collaboration among employees provide a higher level of communication, improved efficiency and productivity, and in the end, all of that results in reduced costs. This fully secure online tool is created exclusively for the needs and goals of the company, and access can only be managed by employees. Opportunity to discuss and comment on the business topics open a way to create to new ideas, as well as recommendations for avoiding errors that occur in business processes.

Implementation of an enterprise social network brings many benefits for the company, but by itself it is not a sufficient condition for them to actually be achieved. PlanB role after the implementation is to ensure the integration of all employees in the branch network and to encourage daily activities for the purpose of accepting this new tool into daily business communication.