The organization and implementation of education

In collaboration with partners PlanB d.o.o. offers training in the areas of basic and advanced skills, business topics, project management, ITIL, foreign language learning, coaching and much more.

Existing programs can be adapted to, and if you have a need for other topics or want to organize training for your group, PlanB d.o.o. with support of our partners will adapt existing or develop new training according to your specific requirements.

Education organized using a variety of online and traditional methods:

  • interactive multimedia e-learning courses
  • classic (classroom) and online courses
  • recording lectures
  • exercises and workshops
  • Mentoring and coaching
  • individual lectures
  • Online Book
  • combined (blended, hybrid) methods

E-learning courses

The users accessing content via the Internet with assigned a unique username and password. Facilities are available to unlimited within a certain period, 24 hours a day as part of training or resources for further training and refresher course.

Finished e-learning courses cover areas of basic and advanced IT skills, business skills, management, telecommunications, foreign languages, health and safety. View available courses, find under the e-learning section.

Depending on your needs, our team can develop e-learning content according to your requirements.

Online courses and lectures in the classroom

Lectures can be held in the classroom before students or through the Internet at predetermined terms. To follow lectures via Internet requires an inbound link, password and headset. Lecture online includes interactive audio and / or video transmission of lectures, PowerPoint presentation with examples, surveys, the ability to communicate with the lecturer and students – via chat or reporting live. The lectures are conducted via the Internet are recorded and can be viewed later and play.


Mentoring includes service monitoring and responding to inquiries related to the program via e-mail or discussion groups. Supervisor monitors the progress of students, helps overcome the material reminds and motivates and answer all questions related to the material.

The combined (blended or hybrid education)

Blended education is based on a combination of the best of both worlds – high-quality e-learning and knowledge of top experts. This learning model is designed for people who have difficulties coordinating daily work duties with the need for life-long education. The combination of e-learning with expert gives you the opportunity to improve the old and acquire new knowledge and skills at a time that suits you best, but while maintaining the advantages brought by the lecturer in the classroom.

One of the advantages of this education model is the fact that part of education which is performed in the classroom is not carried out every day for a week or two, but in a few short sessions with experts, that are tailored to the audience and topic. Time sessions is flexible and can be hours or outside. The engagement of leading experts give more weight training and guarantee you a successful transfer of knowledge and support in solving problems in real life. Access to interactive and multimedia e-learning materials and simulation provides you access to knowledge and after the training.