viagra price CRM is a business strategy with main objective to increase revenue, profitability and customers’ satisfaction. Customer relationship Management includes all key business roles inside organization and all important business processes that helps organization in tracking information about customers, sales, marketing effectiveness and market trends.

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prezzo levitra originale Microsoft Dynamics CRM is flexible and powerful tool that ensures organizations to automate and improve processes in sales, marketing and customer support. Employees have the opportunity to better understand customers’ needs and preferences, more focus on their core business, better prepare for the meetings and detect cross-sell/up-sell opportunities on targeted customers.

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  • Interviews with stakeholders
  • Identification of usage scenarios and business impacts of CRM implementation
  • Alignment with existing IT tools and processes
  • CRM roadmap development

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  • Functional and technical specification development
  • Development and customization of new modules based on functional specification
  • Customer testing and acceptance
  • Implementation of new solution in production environment
  • End users and administrators training

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  • Preventive maintenance
  • Proactive support to end users
  • Corrective and adaptive maintenance

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  • Increased ROI by increasing efficiency and control of sales processes through implementation of unified tool for sales force automation

 Automate and improve processes in sales, marketing and customer support

 Better understand customers’ needs and preferences with a 360-degree customer view

Increase sales forecast accuracy and enable KPI tracking on  sildenafil drug contraindications with viagra EMPLOYEE and product level

Increase productivity of sales  follow MANAGERS by reducing number of systems used and providing them with more customer insight information (cross-sell/up-sell)
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Enhance customer loyalty
  • Reduce churn and improve customer retention

Higher quality leads through contact segmentation and targeted campaigns

 – Mobile and remote employees can work productively with reliable access to all the customer and activity information via mobile device

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