PlanB d.o.o. as the sole holder of both VCC Examination Partner and Education Academy license for Bosnia and Herzegovina, brings you new education certification system that meets the requirements according to European Qualification Frameworks.


We believe you will recognize our new initiative that is widely used and respected in EU, giving you a chance as a company or  individual to invest into your education which is highly recognized within EU countries.

Please be informed if you choose any of certification or training required for your company we can offer you tailored courses as per your request.

Vocational Competence Certificate

Vocational Competence Certificate (VCC) is a uniform system for certification of vocational skills acquired outside the formal education system.

The idea of ​​VCC-in was born in 2007 as a result of monitoring the changes that have taken place in the labor market and has been designed on the basis of cooperation and integration of knowledge and professional skills with the needs of companies that operate in the international labor markets.

VCC conducted trials involving monitoring the conditions and needs of the labor market and an analysis of the skills and needs of different areas of professional activities. The idea of ​​VCC in an evolving integration of partners from different countries and different continents. VCC has made research and analysis of various predictions in accordance with the concepts of the European Union.

This fact is reflected in the operational programs that include professional mobility from 2007 to 2013, especially from 2014 to 2020. These operational programs also corresponds to the activities carried out within European Qualifications Framework in order to promote occupational mobility of workers as well as to facilitate the implementation of lifelong learning.

VCC standard provides an opportunity to acquire new professional skills (New Competences) and to develop already acquired skills (Select Competences) in order to more easily able to adapt to the needs of the labor market that is constantly changing.

Because the training program and certification includes not only theoretical knowledge but also practical professional skills, knowledge of technical language of a particular foreign language and computer skills, it can be concluded that the VCC standard extremely innovative. Only the possession of such knowledge and skills can be acquired VCC certificate.

More details and program information can be found on the VCC site.

Company Syntea
The Polish company Syntea during ten years of work managed to pull over 13 million euros to about 130 educational projects (at local, national and international levels), mainly financed from EU funds. During this process have trained over 45 343 individuals and more than 50, 000 issued certificates! Partners include companies Syntea more than 100 public and commercial entities operating in the field of education, counseling, and labor market in Poland and abroad, especially in Central and Eastern Europe.

Thanks to cooperation with an experienced and qualified trainers and innovative educational materials, Syntea set the standard in professional and business education and training of professionals, which enables the acquisition of competences needed for work and freedom of movement in contemporary global society.


  • EU fund specialist
  • Human resource worker
  • Career advising
  • Manager
  • Coaching
  • Negotiating with NLP elements
  • Cash register service


  • Telemarketer
  • Office worker
  • Secretary
  • Tour organizer
  • Network administrator
  • Child care
  • Elderly care



VCC Suplement which is an integral part of certificate, has the similar structure to the Europass Certificate Supplement. Describes learning effects in the way that allows the employers to recognize and equate vocational qualifications. Thanks to that it conduces occupational mobility which is one of the key idea of Europass.